Rethinking solar

Something new under the sun


New Lightweight Solar

A new generation of architectural solar

Square Root Solar™ is an innovative and forward-looking provider of solar energy solutions for multiple applications at affordable prices.

We have undertaken a radical re-appraisal of all aspects of solar technology – in response to the evolution of the market and the arrival of new ultra-lightweight composite laminate cell technology.

SRS systems, with their specially developed, non-penetrative mounting method are easy to install and remove, offering maximum flexibility and cost savings to planners, asset holders, architects and engineers in all regions of the world.

The light weight, and complete adaptability of shape and scale, allows for the integration of solar everywhere in the built environment, including many applications that have up to now been impractical due to the weight and fixed dimensions of conventional glass laminate arrays.

Lightweight Composite PV

A world leader in the new era of lightweight solar

Square Root Solar systems are built around the latest composite laminating technology for high performance silicon wafers, developed for the aviation industry. Austrian company DAS Energy have pioneered and industrialised this technology, and have entered into an exclusive agreement with Square Root to supply lightweight PV for our transferrable systems.

All SRS lightweight structures for Rooftops, Masts and BIPV have been developed in partnership with ATC, another Austrian company, with whom we also have exclusive agreement for the R&D, prototyping, and manufacture of all SRS Mast, Roof and BIPV systems.

This synergy, between the parallel innovations in DAS Energy PV technology, Square Root design and ATC engineering, has put SRS systems at the forefront of a solar technology revolution, advancing the architectural integration of solar in a vastly extended market.

Square Root Solar™ are creating solutions for every aspect of this new era of lightweight architectural solar.

Integrated Solar Power

Square Root Solar™ Solutions

We have fully developed, tested and certified products for a vast range of applications, both on and off grid. We offer flexible solutions for BIPV, BAPV and LIPV (landscape integrated), and we work directly with architects to integrate PV into facades and building skins.

Square Root provide high yield industrial and domestic rooftop installations, both primary and secondary, including for structures that have up to now been too weak to support solar arrays.

Square Root Solar™ Masts provide point-of-use micro-generation for all kinds of applications, including lighting, road management and information, cameras, communications and connectivity, pumping and desalination, etc.

We can integrate solar into most aspects of roadway infrastructure such as embankments, acoustic barriers, lighting poles, signage and so on.

Square Root Systems are adaptable and affordable at every scale, and can provide self-contained low-cost installations for off-grid communities and emergency relief situations, bringing energy to otherwise deprived regions and populations.

Our vision is to provide low cost solar generation wherever it is needed, using fewer raw materials, simpler logistics and easy tool-free installation wherever possible.

Square Root Solar™ Solutions - Reliable. Adaptable. Affordable - Anywhere under the sun.

Solar skin

Principal Products

Square Root Solar™ Architectural BIPV

At SRS we are developing a range of products for introducing high aesthetic architectural solar into the built environment.

While some of this involves retro fitting into existing structures, we are however most interested in working directly with architects and materials engineers to explore ways in which a "solar skin" can be adapted to any project as a primary element. We have a number of projects under way in this area.

Converting passive spaces into solar power plants

Principal Products

The Square Root Solar Wing

The Square Root Solar Wing

The SRS Wing is a canopy structure with integrated lightweight composite PV, designed for the shelter and/or shading of individual or multiple car parking.

The Wing can also include LED down-lighting and provision for multi-speed EV charging.

The SRS Wing has a rated capacity of between 3000 and 3200 Wp.

We are piloting various projects with the Wing design, including one involving 300 parking spaces at Medina airport in KSA, which will create a 1MW solar power plant. 

Lightweight rooftops

Principal Products

Square Root Solar™ Roof

SRS roof systems represent a major step forward in integrated rooftop solar technology.

The light weight and non-penetrative characteristics of SRS installations can address a vastly increased number of rooftop applications, without damaging the underlying asset. We can install high yield arrays on structures that have previously been unable to support them.

We are replacing asbestos roof coverings with solar systems without having to strengthen the supporting structure.

We are pioneering an integrated solar roof as a primary architectural element.

Unlimited applications

Principal Products

Square Root Solar™ Mast

SR SOLAR MASTS are a collection of solar street lighting solutions characterized by vertically integrated photo-voltaic cells mounted on all four faces of square profile aluminium masts.

Lightweight Hybrid masts are designed for simple logistics and installation as part of intelligent micro-grids, ensuring maximum autonomy and reliability. All battery, charging and control units are contained within the mast.

A remote cloud platform accessed by 3G/4G provides control, fault-finding and consistent reporting to ensure long system lifetimes.

Our solar masts are a proven product. Our data on existing projects has shown consistent yields with no fall-off, without cleaning or maintenance, over a number of years, even in regions subject to extreme heat and frequent sandstorms.

Square Root Solar News

A World Leading Team

The Square Root Team comprises a core group of highly experienced renewable energy professionals with more than 20 years' experience operating in the commercial and government sectors, all committed to the advancement of the global transition to renewable sources.

Steven Scott, Founder and Design and Development Partner, founded Studio Steven Scott in 1997 and has 20 years of design experience in the architectural world. He then founded Scotia in 2009 based on his innovative and radical design for solar street lighting. He has become very active in the solar industry, with government level contacts in the UK and GCC. His designs for Scotia were recently awarded a Green Business Award - Highly Recommended prize in London.

Michael Cleary, Head of Lighting Design, has a Masters (with honours) in Lighting Design from the University of Copenhagen, and a BA in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. He is a fully qualified electrician, specialised in light and energy, and has more than 10 years experience in architectural and construction projects.

Matthew McConnell, Media and Communications Partner, has many years experience of developing communications strategies, notably for Scotia, Studio Steven Scott and other clients in lighting and architecture. He has engaged in wide-ranging research in RE and has connections to the International Development and NGO sectors for solar projects.


The wider team includes the award-winning group of designers that founded Scotia in 2008. We have industry-leading engineers, project managers and consultants, with experience of providing solutions for all types of micro-generation projects throughout the world.

Square Root Solar involved in diverse projects

Diverse Projects


Following the hugely successful launch at Low Carbon Britain last year, SRS have been approached by numerous asset holders and are now involved in a growing portfolio of projects in diverse sectors.

In BIPV, we are working on design studies for various listed buildings in the UK, in sectors ranging from railway infrastructure to theatre and church rooftop installations.

The SRS Wing is much in demand; projects are progressing in the UK in large car parks for retail and airports. We are in talks for further deployment in the MENA region and in West and East Africa.

Work continues on rapid deployment solar solutions for humanitarian relief and disaster response. 


The SRS Wing well received at Low Carbon Britain

Feedback LCB


Looking back at the Low Carbon Britain event last month; we had enormous interest in all aspects of Square Root Solar's design initiatives, from a great variety of people. A stand-out feature of this general buzz has been the response to the SRS Wing design for solar integrated car park shading and shelter.

The Wing includes provision for LED downlighting, interspace roadway lighting and multi-speed EV charging.

We have an ongoing project at Medina airport in KSA, involving a car park of 300 spaces, to be transformed into a 1MW solar installation. Other technical studies are under way in UK and Nigeria and we are following up on numerous other possible projects.

Design registration and patent are in place for this SRS design.



Square Root Solar at Low Carbon Britain

Square Root Solar at Low Carbon Britain (1)


Square Root Solar have been invited to present at the Low Carbon Britain Event to be held in Westminster on Wednesday 8th November.

Subtitled " Meeting the emission reduction targets", the conference will bring together many different ideas and technological innovations that will enable us to create a smart and resilient low carbon future.

Founder Steven Scott will introduce the company and its approach to the new era of lightweight architectural solar.

Managing Partner, Noor Fadel, will outline some current projects in the MENA region.

Engineering Consultant Partner, Paul McGonagle, will talk about the UK solar market and about smart city technology.

Find out more about Low Carbon Britain here